Welcome Maegan’s Minis!

Maegan's Minis

We are proud to announce two new additions at Ray of Sunshine!

Say hello to our miniature palomino horses, Athena and Diego, who we have affectionately called “Maegan’s Minis”. The name was created in memory of our sweet angel, 8 year-old Maegan.


Maegan captured our hearts with her cheerful spirit and her love of horses. With her passing this spring, we felt moved to do something to keep her spirit alive. The minis were a perfect opportunity to honor Maegan!


Athena and Diego will add a new opportunities for Ray of Sunshine. With their arrival, we can reach even more patients, survivors, and families at community events and hospitals. We have taken a step of faith in taking on the two of them, as it will increase our operating costs. But… we know the joy it will bring to our friends. Can you help? Please consider making a donation to help with the additional cost. We also need to obtain transportation for them, so we can take Ray of Sunshine on the road.

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