Trailer Campaign

A Trailer Like This One!

A Horse Trailer to Expand Our Horizons

During our September 8th Fundraiser we launched a campaign to begin gathering enough funds to buy our own horse trailer. We're excited at the prospect of taking Ray of Sunshine on the road, and having the means to protect our most important assets (our horses!) in the event of an emergency.


How You Can Help

Donations are being accepted specifically for the trailer fund via our GiveLively campaign page, Ray of Sunshine on the Road. Donating is easy, and there's also a neat option to start your own mini-fundraiser if you'd like to lend a little extra support for our cause.

Donate to the Trailer Fundor start a mini-fundraiser!

Since we began giving people a break from cancer in 2014, one thing has become painfully clear: We need our own horse trailer. Having our own wheels will not only help us keep our horses safe, but also allow us to expand our reach to more people in need.

While we’re grateful to all the people who have helped us transport our horses, evacuation from the Lilac fire was a scary situation. We learned that having the means to load up our horses at any given moment is not just a mere convenience, but a necessity.

We’ve also learned that because cancer affects everyone differently, sometimes people simply can’t come to us. We believe those people could benefit from a little Ray of Sunshine, so it makes wonderful sense for us to go to them!

To protect our most important assets and reach more of the people who need us, we need your help to raise enough funds to purchase a horse trailer. All proceeds coming in through this campaign will go directly to the perfect trailer. We’re excited about taking Ray of Sunshine on the road!