How it Works .

Animals, including horses, have long been regarded as natural healers. Our Healing With Horses program provides a place to make new friends and have something to look forward to other than cancer and cancer related things.

The program is tailored specifically to each persons’ wants, needs and capabilities. Whether riding, walking, or brushing, spending time with the horses can help participants gain insight as it relates to emotions, communication, relationships, personal healing, and inner strength. This makes the experience unique to each person and their cancer journey. Ray of Sunshine was founded on the premise that cancer patients, their familes and caregivers can all benefit from such an experience.

How to Sign Up for a Riding Session .

1 – Tour

A tour isn’t a requirement for signing up, but can be helpful for those who “aren’t sure” about horses. Contact us to make an appointment.

2 – Apply

Begin the application process by filling out the Rider Packet. Download the packet.

3 – Interview

Lia will contact you to discuss your wants and needs. She'll use this information to tailor your session for the best possible experience.

4 – Permission

Make sure that all forms in the Rider Packet have been completed, ready to turn in prior to the session.

5 – Donate

Make a donation for your session or gift a session to another participant.

6 – Appointment

Contact us to schedule your session, and you’re all set! We look forward to seeing you!

What to Expect

After the Interview, Lia will design your session according to your wants, needs and capabilities. The following images show examples of activities.


Meet the Horse


Leading & Walking

Building Trust


In the Now.

Session Fees .

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to provide a stress-free experience for all participants. While there are no set fees for our sessions, all donations are helpful & appreciated.

Make a Donation

Eligibility .

Students must be able-bodied and physically capable of getting on a horse. All students in treatment must be cleared by their doctor in order to participate in the riding portion of the program. The required forms are included in the Rider Packet.