Healing With Horses

for People Affected by Cancer .

Founded by Lia Ray, breast cancer survivor. Ray of Sunshine Equestrian Therapy facilitates meetings with healing horses, in a safe environment full of nature, open sky and fresh air. This is a place where patients, family members, friends and caregivers affected by cancer can just breathe. Be in the now. Forget cancer exists, even if just for a moment.

5th Annual Fundraiser

Saturday, November 2nd at 5:00 pm (We're hoping the weather will be cooler!) at William's Barn in San Marcos, Ca.

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Ray of Sunshine is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that depends on the generosity of others for continued success. Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated, while we also rely on volunteers and voices. Help us manage our day-to-day, and get the word out!

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