Dearest Friends,

It is with a tremendously heavy heart, that I’m announcing the dissolution of Ray of Sunshine. Last August I received the devastating news that my cancer had returned. The decision to close has been difficult, made more so by the fact that right now I’m feeling pretty good. However, this cancer is more aggressive and I’ll be in treatment for the remainder of my life. After many tears, meetings and discussions, my board members and I have agreed that closing up shop is in the best interest of my health and well-being. And even though it goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway… Minimizing my exposure to COVID is of the utmost importance, especially while undergoing treatment. 
No words are powerful enough, to express how deeply grateful I am to you for your support over the years. I started Ray of Sunshine with the goal of helping others through their cancer journey, and because of you, I’ve succeeded a thousand times over. Thank you, thank you! Please know that your support has made a difference in the lives of every client we have served, and by extension their friends and families.
Best Wishes & Stay Healthy,
Lia Ray
Ray of Sunshine